termometru digital cu display de nokia 3310

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termometru digital cu display de nokia 3310

Postby stress on 18 Oct 2010 22:18

Technical characteristics :
Voltage ....................... 3 - 3.3 V
Range (1) ....................-55 do 125' C
Min. temp. step ............ 0,1 ' C
Max. error ................... +/- 0,5 ' C
Max. resolution ............. 0,0625 ' C
Temp. refreshed every.... 1,2 sec.
Dimensions ................... 40 * 38 mm
2 modes of display .........normal/inverse
Lcd ............................. 84*48 pixel
Amperage (2)................. 0,2 mA - 0,8 mA

Range of -55 to 125°C is possible if ONLY the sensor is in that area not the whole device!

Amperage of the device varies because of the conversion of DS18B20 (measuring the temperature and reading the measured temperature), that lasts about 700ms and at that time the device uses 0.8mA, for the next 500ms the device is in “sleep” mode and uses 0.2mA.

The LCD supports two modes of operation (normal and inverse), the jumper placed on the back of the device is used for changing modes.
Negative temperatures are given a “minus”, the bar shows temperatures normally but with an added minus.
In this picture I charged the device with a 3.6V lithium battery. Do not use a greater voltage then this because the Nokia 3310 LCD works with 2.7 to 3.3V!!! Careful!

First we need to extract/salvage the LCD from the Nokia 3310 mobile phone. Be extremely careful and patient during this process, because as you know the display is just a thin piece of glass that is very sensitive.

There is an 8 pin connector on the back of the display, in our case it’s glued to the glass (Nokia 3210 has “rubber” connectors so this one is much easier to use). This is a Phillips PCD8544 display, it can be easily found on the net if you want more information about it.

The second step is making the board which is small and isn’t that difficult to make. Pay close attention while gluing the plastic edges on the board because they will be holding your LCD. Double check connector positions before gluing. In the bottom corners I glued two plastic separators so the LCD leans on them and not the solder points.

Layout of elements
On the back side we can see the layout of elements, they aren’t hard to find and there aren’t that many of them.

I placed the temperature sensor DS18B20 in a socket for testing purposes, it is also possible to connect the sensor at a distance by adding wire (I haven’t tested 1 wire sensors at a distance yet).

If by any chance the contrast isn’t to your liking, it can be changed during the programming of Pic12F629, in the program location D2h. the current value A9h is the one I use with my LCD and don’t know it will be for other LCDs. The value can be set to anything between 80h and FFh, 80h being minimum contrast and FFh maximum.
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Re: termometru digital cu display de nokia 3310

Postby cristian1961 on 30 Oct 2010 19:45

Buna ziua,
Aveti cumva si sursa programului pt. microprocesor ? Banuiesc ca e scris in asamblor ,este foarte mic.As vrea sa invat cum este facut sa ma lamuresc cum se programeaza displayul.Multumesc
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Re: termometru digital cu display de nokia 3310

Postby stress on 01 Nov 2010 15:07

imi pare rau dar nu am codul sursa (si eu il vreau :)
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