telephone recorder

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telephone recorder

Postby stress on 11 Dec 2008 14:01

This nifty little circuit lets you record your phone conversations automatically. The device connects to the phone line, your tape recorder's microphone input, and the recorder's remote control jack. It senses the voltage in the phone line and begins recording when the line drops to 5 volts or less.

Part Total Qty. Description Substitutions
R1 1 270K 1/4 W Resistor
R2 1 1.5K 1/4 W Resistor
R3 1 68K 1/4 W Resistor
R4 1 33K 1/4 W Resistor
C1 1 0.22uF 150 Volt Capacitor
Q1, Q2 2 2N4954 NPN Transistor
D1 1 1N645 Diode
MISC 1 Wire, Plugs To Match Jacks On Recorder, Board, Phone Plug
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