al treilea stop/frana - clipitor

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al treilea stop/frana - clipitor

Postby stress on 02 Jul 2010 13:49

montajul este foarte simplu si functioneaza asa: cand puneti frana, cel de-al treilea stop clipeste de cateva ori dupa care ramane aprins (aceasta pentru a vedea cel din spate mai repede ca ati pus frana)
aveti poza ca exemplu de functionare

When we step on the car' s brake, then together with the classic rear STOP ,the third STOP which is situated in the middle of the back half of the car also switches ON. This is the classic function , is to be found in all modern cars. The difference with the circuit is that when we "step on the brake " then the third STOP switches ON and OFF rhythmically once a second , three times, it then reverts to it' s normal functioning, remaining constantly switched ON, with the provision that we will continue to " step ON" the brake. If we leave the brake, the STOP switches off ,waiting useful for drivers who come from behind and are relatively alert their attention, with the result that we avoid a visit from behind, with the corresponding consequences. The switching on and off and the length of time can be adjusted champing the use of the capacitance at C4/ C5, being careful always that they are not too big, because then the switching on/off becomes annoying for the drivers behind. The operation is done carefully cutting off the continuation of feting +12V which leads to the third STOP and intervening in turn the circuit , taking from some near by point of the chassis (0V). That which must be watched is that the Relay RL1 is of good quality.

Part List

R1=10ohms C1=10 nf 100V MKT IC 1=4093
R2= 39Kohms C2=100nF 100V MKT Q1=BD679
R3=1Mohms C3=47uF 25V D1-D4=1N4148
R4=1Mohms C4=0.68uF - 1uF 25V RL1=12V DC RELAY 2X2 [>10A]
R5= 39Kohms C5=3.3uF 25V SL1-2=M-F CONNECTORS

C1=10 nf 100V MKT
C2=100nF 100V MKT
C3=47uF 25V
C4=0.68uF - 1uF 25V
C5=3.3uF 25V

IC 1=4093
RL1=12V DC RELAY 2X2 [>10A]
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