sursa reglabila: 1,25v - 25V / 1,5A

Alimentatoare pentru diferite montaje.

sursa reglabila: 1,25v - 25V / 1,5A

Postby stress on 30 Oct 2009 21:09

This power supply is based on the LM317 Variable Regulator. The input of the regulator needs to be around 28 Volts DC and it will output a DC voltage from 1.25vdc to 25 vdc. To adjust the output voltage simply turn the 5k ohm pot. The regulator will supply 1.5 amps of current
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Re: sursa reglabila: 1,25v - 25V / 1,5A

Postby gogutu on 31 Oct 2009 21:32

schema este foarte practica si cu putine modificari se poate obtine o sursa mai puternica
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Re: sursa reglabila: 1,25v - 25V / 1,5A

Postby alien1835 on 01 Nov 2009 19:58

Problema e transformatorul, care nu prea se gaseste :)
Si cu un tranzistor cred ca obtii un curent mai mare , intradevar e buna sursa , daca ai transformator
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